What is a transformation toilet and the way are you able to Get This Look?

  Transformation Toilet – The transformation toilet is that the hottest toilet style vogue, in keeping with the 2019 toilet style Trends report by the National room + tub Association. And in keeping with trend spotter Elle H-Millard, business Relations Manager at the NKBA (and additionally a solid member on season two of HGTV’s style Star), the transformation vogue is projected to stay the foremost popular style for subsequent 3 years.

But what’s a transformation toilet and the way are you able to get the transformation look?

A mix of 2 designs

A transformation toilet will have many meanings, in keeping with Joan Kaufman, authorized specializer and President of Interior designing in Naperville, IL. “Most normally, transformation refers to the design that’s between ancient and up to date,” she says. “The vogue would be a lot of clean lines, however not excessively up to date, with a heat, comfy feeling that’s not too cold or sleek.”

Easy access

However, Kaufman says a transformation toilet also can see a style that permits householders to age in situ. “This means that accommodations square measure created to the toilet to extend safety and supply supports while not being fully enzyme.” for instance, she says grab bars square measure additional to the shower space and shut to the tub. She adds that these bogs could embrace hand-held spray showerheads “with the valve controls at a lower height. and therefore the tub would have a lower profile to assist entry.”

In some styles, householders take away the bathtub and replace it with a shower that has hand-held sprays and a bench seat. “Mirrors and different fixtures are going to be mounted low enough to be viewed from a seated position and or chair,” Kaufman says. Another in style feature is under-toe kick lighting. “Having toe-kick lighting on a motion detector is a new profit,” Kaufman explains.

Stylish safety

However, this can be not your grandparent’s toilet. “A transformation toilet is each enticing and safe and might build your life comfy, notwithstanding your age or ability,” in keeping with Chelsea Allard, VP of style at Case Design/Remodeling in Charlotte, NC. for instance, she says those grab bars square measure ornamental and might coordinate together with your regulator suite. “Not solely will they forestall a dangerous fall, however they’ll even be used as towel bars,” Allard says.

Likewise, those bench seats and hand-held showers also can serve a twin purpose. “Benches will act as a foot prop for shaving your legs furthermore as being a seat if you’re unable to square thanks to associate degree injury,” Allard explains. and people hand-held showers square measure convenient if you would like to wash whereas seated , however she says they additionally build it easier to wash the shower or wash your dog.

“Comfort-height bogs square measure easier on the knees — however they’re additionally nice for tall users. And single handle or touch-activated taps square measure nice for individuals with inflammatory disease or for those who simply desire a a lot of convenient expertise,” Allard says. Touch-activated taps square measure only 1 of the 2019 toilet technology trends being incorporated in transformation style.

Uber trendy

Another reason transformation bogs square measure therefore in style is that the sheer great thing about the planning. bogs nowadays square measure transitioning from an area of basic wants to an area of luxury, in keeping with specializer Dawn Totty of Dawn Totty styles in Chattanooga, TN.

“With today’s fast modus vivendi, designers and householders square measure implementing luxurious options like chandeliers, saunas, free-standing tubs, fantastically papered walls and heated floors,” Totty explains. “It’s a spa-like place that they’ll escape to, however while not the inconvenience and expense.”

Storage and space

H-Millard notes that the cupboards and vainness in transformation bogs square measure quite distinctive. “We’re talking free-standing, constitutional or floating designs, with recessed panel facing and lots of drawers,” she says. This toilet vogue normally uses wood grain, painted wood and mixed materials with ornamental hardware.

Countertops, sinks and taps

“In transformation bogs, countertops and sinks tend to be quartz, quartzite, granite or marble,” H-Millard says. White ceramic ware and forged iron square measure in style for sinks, and undermount sinks square measure a typical staple.

Transitional bogs incorporate the newest regulator style trends. “Faucets will be motion, touch-control or manual and square measure usually nickel, chrome, untarnished or rose gold,” H-Millard says. in style finishes for transformation bogs embrace polished, matte, brushed and fabric.


Popular flooring choices in transformation bogs embrace ceramic, ceramic ware or stone tile, in keeping with H-Millard. different choices embrace luxury vinyl, ceramic wood or marble.

“Using matte-finish tile flooring may be a good way to decrease the probability of slippy, while not sacrificing vogue,” Allard adds. sturdy flooring is especially necessary once coming up with the right kids’ toilet.


Since color decisions square measure necessary, transformation bogs have a lightweight and relaxed feel: whites, grays, beiges, bones, blues – and additionally silvers. “One sensible choice for a transformation toilet is Fragile Blue, that is crisp and clean,” explains Sue Kim, Color selling Manager at Valspar. “It may be a subtle white with a tint of blue, and its freshness creates an opulent, spa-like setting, making an area you ne’er wish to depart.”

Another option is Gotham grey. “This color adds a dose of drama to your transformation toilet house and brings carefully-selected fastened options to life with clean class,” Kim says. simply make certain you follow the ten commandments of painting to realize the specified result.

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