How good government planning promotes healthy communities

A government which has a well-developed planning system can truly help improve the health of a community by promoting social interaction. For this to happen, the local authorities need to give the public a say in the planning decisions regarding neighborhood and local planning.

us-capitolWhat this means is that the local authorities should promote:

  • Various events and opportunities for people in the community to meet. This can be done by establishing neighborhood centers, various mixed-use developments in the form of one single or more buildings, active public areas and others
  • A crime-free environment will provide the safety for all members of the community.
  • Accessibility for disabled members of the community to the public areas which will promote the improved communication between the members of the public.
  • Plan new shared spaces and facilities, such as various stores, sport and cultural venues, churches, public houses and other such places for gathering and communication amongst community members.
  • Help support and keep the services and facilities which enhance the meeting between community members.
  • Make sure that an integrated approach is taken when planning the location of residential buildings and the public service and facilities which serve the people in the community, so it is easier for them to take advantage of them.
  • Local planning should involve the members of the public in the decision making when planning new significant developments in the area.
  • Plan the development and support of new or existing schools and other centers for education, so that the public has easy access as well as a wider choice in regard to the education of their children and themselves.
  • The government must work with school and university authorities to help resolve key issues, and support the development of existing schools and the¬†establishment of new ones wherever there is a need for expansion.
  • Ensure that the members of the community are in better health and condition by assessing the needs and planning the development of public places for recreation, sports and outdoor activities. A good plan can actually make more local people to go out, buy some good sports shoes, be more active, jog and take part in sports activities organized in these areas.
  • Plan and work on the protection of the existing green areas, and assess the need for expanding them if necessary. Green areas are important to any community, so ensuring that the members of the community have access to such areas is crucial for the wellbeing of the local people. This is especially important when the green has wildlife or has a historical or other precious value and meaning to the local community.

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